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Organize Your Move to Rochester MN

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A checklist for Moving Day:

The following checklist will assist you in preparing for your MOVING DAY:

  • Arrange for Moving Van Lines/Movers - be sure to call ahead (30-60 days prior to move)
  • Search the Yellow Pages for Van lines/Movers - or view our list of Preferred Vendors
  • Ask friends for referrals from past van line companies and for quality moving help
  • Be sure to acquire enough help for moving day if you are moving your belongings yourself - contact friends and family to see if they are available to assist you with your move

Moving Supplies/Packing

  • If you are planning on moving your own belongings - be sure to have on hand plenty of moving boxes (check local grocery stores for FREE boxes), packing tape, labels, markers and scissors
  • Be sure to LABEL each box with its contents and the room the box will be delivered to on moving day
  • Fragile/Breakable Items: purchase bubble wrap at your local home stores, or if unavailable, wrap fragile items in bath towels and blankets to protect them during the move - TRY TO PACK BREAKABLES/VALUABLES YOURSELVES AND TRANSPORT THEM IN YOUR OWN VEHICLE
  • If available, try to pack audio/visual equipment in their original boxes to protect them

Contact Financial Institutions

  • Close out and/or transfer local bank accounts - savings and checking; empty safe deposit boxes
  • Open new savings/checking account if moving out of town/state
  • Deposit monies in new account before the move, and/or plan for a sufficient amount of cash that will be needed during the move or purchase travelers checks for the move

Be sure to Cancel Special Services/Establish Services at New Home Location

  • Cancel: Magazine subscriptions that would not be forwarded, newspaper subscriptions, home security service, lawn or snow removal services, cleaning services, garbage and cable television services
  • If moving within the same service area, be sure to transfer services to your new address if possible instead of canceling
  • RPU - Rochester Public Utilities
  • Minnesota Energy
  • People's Cooperative

Be sure to Cancel or Transfer all of your Utility Services/Establish Services at New Home Location

  • Cancel or Transfer: Telephone service, electrical service, gas or fuel oil service, water softener rental contracts, fuel tank contracts, water, sewer

Inform Schools/Daycares of Your Move

  • Notify daycare providers and schools of your move date, last day of service date, if moving out of area; provide change of address and contact information if remaining in the same area
  • If you are leaving the area and changing schools, be sure to obtain the children's school transcripts and records for ease of enrolling in their new school systems

Be sure to tie up all of your loose ends!

  • Return borrowed items to friends and neighbors
  • Return all library books and materials
  • Obtain all Medical Records for your family including copies of prescriptions
  • Obtain all Dental Records for members of your family
  • Pick-Up all Dry Cleaning before leaving
  • Shovel Snow and/or Mow Lawn/Trim Bushes if you are also Selling a Home
  • PLAN for needs of the children and pets during the move - games, snacks, rest areas
  • Pick up spare keys given to friends / neighbors.

For assistance or additional information on the Moving Checklist, please feel free to call us at 507-261-5886 or 507-261-5887 and we would be happy to assist you with your Moving Needs!

Best wishes, and Happy Moving!

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