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Home Staging is not an expense but an investment!

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Consultation and Proposal
 The Williams Home Team will walk through your home and determine what a buyer’s first impression would be in each room. This can be a sensitive moment for you!  Remember, you live in your home one way, and we are going to prepare it to sell a completely different way – an warm and inviting space that all buyers can emotionally connect with.  We will then determine how we can bring each room to its fullest potential. This is our goal! To use each room in your home as a marketing tool to sell your home. These recommendations may require repairs, painting, and updates. We will end with a proposal based on how much work the home needs and which home staging package will fit that need. This process can take up to 2 hours; the consultation fee is $55.00.

Vacant Home Staging Package (Free Consultation)
 Vacant homes do not show well since only 10% of homebuyers can visualize the potential of a home when it is empty. The Williams Home Team vacant stage is a four phase process:

  1.  We spend up to 2 hours reviewing the home, taking photos, and room measurements. We will then submit a vacant staging bid to you. If accepted;
  2.  We will coordinate and select furniture rental and accessories that coordinate with the style of your home.
  3. We insure smooth delivery of the furniture rental and set up the home in a unique style. You will love what you see!
  4. De-stage the home at the request of the Owner/Realtor. Keep in mind the idea of having the house staged through the final walk-thru. Empty rooms reveal negative aspects of the home such as a crack in the wall  or a scratch on the hardwood floor. 

Half Day or Full Day of Home Staging OR Interior Redesign
Your budget, the size of your home, and depending on the amount of “stuff” you have will determine the cost of staging. You won’t believe what a difference a day can make! Our artful eye will work to create warmth in each room of your home so that it appeals to all potential buyers. Our first goal is to work with what you have. This sometimes involves moving your furniture, artwork, and accessories around throughout the home to create flow and balance. We may need to address issues such as: eliminating clutter, excessive furniture, cleanliness, pet odors, and other issues (don’t be sensitive about this...whatever it takes to sell your home!) We may suggest investing in purchases for you to make such as; new bedding (you can use it in your new home) or towels for the bathroom to enhance the look. We will bring in our own accessories in order to complete the look if we think it is necessary. We will take photos of the home for marketing purposes in the Multiple Listing Service.

 Do-It-Yourself Action Plan Report
 This report will help you to stay focused and organized in the preparation process of putting your home on the market.

The Williams Home Team will prepare for you a detailed report to follow to get your home looking its absolute best before putting it on the market. The report has a checklist of things needed to be done in each room by you to bring it to its full potential along with creative and inexpensive ideas to achieve that look. Each room in your home should become a marketing tool to sell your home faster and for the best possible price.

Open House or Realtor Tour Help 
Do you need assistance in getting ready? The Williams Home Team will come in at the last minute and assist you before your Open House or Realtor Tour. We will guide and work with you on those last minute details such as fluffing the bedding, adding vignettes to the kitchen or bath, moving a coffee table to another room, or any other last minute ideas to enhance the look of your home. We also offer an accessories rental fee for the day/week/month such as; greenery, linens, pillows, dishes, artwork, small furniture and more.

Shopping Service
We will create a budget and shop for those accessories that serve as investments in the sale of your home. Simple, inexpensive purchases go a long way in changing the look of a room. We have discount programs with some of our favorite places to shop that we will pass along to you. 

Paint Color Consultation
With years of expertise we can help you in the process of choosing paint colors for your home’s interior rooms. Painting is one of the least expensive investments you can make to your home and have the biggest impact.

Call today for a Consultation or any questions you have about our services!

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